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The Kalyanasundaram Family

Pattanam Velappan Kalyanasundaram began his media business by manufacturing television sets in 1985. He later ventured into cable TV distribution business and launched VK Digital Network Private Limited, one of India’s leading cable TV distribution company. According to the companies LinkedIn profile Polimer is the second largest Multi-System Operator (MSO) catering to millions of TV homes across the state of Tamil Nadu.

Kalyanasundaram launched Polimer Media Private Limited in 2007 with his GEC channel, Polimer TV. He launched Polimer News in 2009, riding on his cable TV distribution network capabilities. As of January 2019, the Broadcast Audience Research Council has ranked Polimer News as the most viewed Tamil news channel in the state of Tamil Nadu.

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Aruljothi Sengodan

is the wife of Pattanam Velappan Kalyanadundaram and holds the position of a Director in his media company Polimer Media Private Limited as well as in Dakshin Digital LLP

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ownership data is easily available from other sources, e. g. public registries etc.

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For a news channel that is ranked number one for viewership ratings for a long time, there is very little information about the company that owns it. There is not much news readily available about the directors of the company, other businesses if any or about their future plans. The ownership data, however is, easily accessible and available on the company’s papers filed with the Ministry of Corporate Governance, Government of India. The company was written to, by email on the 18th January 2019 and by courier on the 1st February 2019, seeking information on the company and the channel. No response has been received from the company yet.

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