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The Times Group

The Times Group

Bennett Coleman & Company Limited also known as The Times Group is India’s one of the largest media conglomerates with 45 dailies and periodicals in 3 languages and 108 editions being published from 9 different centers of the country. The company has more than 50 offices in the country and more than 55 websites. Also, it has various news and entertainment channels. The company also provides education solution and has its own university. The company engages in businesses such as movies, music, syndication, education, financial services, real estate, event management and specialized publications. In terms of media business, BCCL operates television channels, radio and digital content production and it also publishes magazines, books, and newspapers.

The company was founded on 4th November 1838 when it started its publication of Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce which is now The Times of India. In 1892 the English Journalist Thomas Jewell Bennett, and Frank Morris Coleman set up a joint stock company Bennett Coleman & Company Limited to acquire the newspaper. In 1946 the company was bought from its British owners by industrialist Ramakrishna Dalmia. Subsequently, his son-in-law Sahu Shanti Prasad Jain took over the company. Since then, the company is fully owned and operated by the Jain Family.

Key facts

Business Form


Legal Form

Private Limited

Business Sectors

Education; Real estate; Publishing; Radio and TV Broadcasting; Film production; Music; Syndication; Education; Financial services; Real estate; Event management;


Individual Owner

Media Outlets
Other Media Outlets

Other Print Outlets

The Economic Times (0.50%)

Other TV Outlets

Movies Now (Missing Data)

Other Radio Outlets

Radio Mirchi 98.3 (Missing Data)

Other Online Outlets


Media Business

Movie Production

Mirchi Movies (India) Limited (100%)

Digital Product Company

Times Internet Limited (88.44%)


Gamma Ganna Limited (88.44%)

TV Broadcasting

Zoom Entertainment Network Private Limited (100%)


Worldwide Media Private Limited (100%)

Publishing Company

Times Group Books (Missing Data)


Real estate

Artha Group


Bennett University of Higher Education (100%)

Healthcare Institution

Vivo Healthcare Private Limited (50%)

Technology (AI)

Haptik Infotech Private Limited (61.45%)

Service Activities

Times Jobs Limited (88.44%)


TIM Delhi Airport Advertising Private Limited (50.09%),


Coupondunia Media Private Limited (70.75%)


Akuate Internet Services Private Limited (75.17%)


Banayantree Services Limited (100%)


BCCL Worldwide Inc.

General Information

Founding Year


Affiliated Interests Founder

Frank Morris Coleman

the co-founder of Bennett Coleman and Co. In 1892 Thomas Jewell Bennett and Frank Morris Coleman set up a joint stock company Bennett Coleman & Company Limited which acquired the newspaper. One of the sources indicate that the paper, Times of India, was founded by the Coleman family in 1839, who were the printers in London working for the East India Company. According to the same source he was the General Manager of Times of India in 1895 and was stationed in Ceylon attached to Government Press before becoming the manager of Financial News in London. He perished with the sinking of the SS Persia in 1915 on its way from London to Karachi.


Missing Data


Times of India BLDGD N ROAD Mumbai,

Maharashtra 400001, India

Tel: 02266353535


Tax/ ID Number

CIN: U22120MH1913PLC000391

Financial Information

Revenue (Financial Data/ Optional)

INR 14.76 Billion / USD 226.391 Million

Operating Profit (in Mill. $)

INR 6.81 Billion / USD 104.473 Millions

Advertising (in % of total funding)

Missing Data


Executive Board

Missing Data

Other Influential People

Indu Jain

Chairwoman of BCCL, the mother of Samir Jain, the Vice Chairman and Managing Director of BCCL.

Further Information

Data Publicly Available

ownership data is easily available from other sources, e. g. public registries etc.

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Meta Data

Bennett Coleman and Company Limited is an unlisted company. The group website, that could have been the authentic source of company information is not working and returns a blank page. The financial statements of the company too is not available, nor is their management structure. The financial of the company takes into account the foreign exchange rate i.e, USD 65.22 per INR prevalent in March 2018. MOM has sent email on 18th Janurary’19 and a courier on 1st February’19 requesting information under various heads. There has been no response from the Company.

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