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The Jhawar Family

The Jhawar Family owns the Neutral Publishing House Limited, through many of its companies. The family consists of two octogenarian brothers – Brij Kishore Jhawar and Basant Kumar Jhawar. Prashant Jhawar is the son of Basant Jhawar and Rajeev Jhawar is the son of Brij Jhawar. Rajeev Jhawar has three daughters – Stuti Jhawar, Shreya Jhawar and Amisha Jhawar. Prashant Jhawar is married to Anupama Jhawar and the couple has a son, Apurv Jhawar and a daughter, Anupriya Jhawar.

Recently the brothers – Brij and Basant Jhawar – have been in the midst of a family feud over the control of Usha Martin – a leading wire rope and a specialty steel maker major. The feud is between the two factions, supported by their respective sons. The father-son duos of Basant-Prashant Jhawar and Brij-Rajeev Jhawar hold 25.5% respectively in the company.

Jhawar Family owns 95.47% shares of Neutral Publishing House Limited, company which publishes Prabhat Khabar. The family members hold different positions in many of the Group companies.

Brij Kishore Jhawar is the Founder of Usha Martin Limited. Prashant Jhawar is the CEO of Usha Communications Technology Limited. Rajeev Jhawar is the Managing Director of Usha Martin Limited. Anupriya Jhawar is the Director of Neutral Publishing House Limited. Apurv Jhawar is a Director of Usha Breco Limited.


Media Companies / Groups
Media Outlets


Wire Rope manufacture

Usha Martin Limited

Steel plant

Usha Martin Construction Steel Company Limited

Communications Technology

Usha Communications Technology Limited

IT-based services

Usha Martin Strategic Management Ltd


Usha Breco Limited


Usha Martin Finance Limited


Usha Breco Realty


Usha Martin Education & Solutions Limited

Business & Management consultancy

Jhawar Venture Management Pvt.

Financial and Insurance Services

Usha Martin Ventures Ltd Limited

Wholesale Trading

Umil Share & Stock Broking Services Ltd

Frozen Foods and Snacks

Usha Martin Fresh Limited

Family & Friends

Affiliated Interests Family Members Friends

Basant Kumar Jhawar

is the 83-year-old patriarch of the family, is the Co-Founder and Chairman Emeritus of Usha Martin. He is also a Director in a Group Company – Usha Breco Limited.

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ownership data is easily available from other sources, e. g. public registries etc.

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The newspaper website does not have details of the Management or the Editorial Teams. The ownership structure was sourced from the registries of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs,Government of India. The company was written to, by email on 9th May 2019 and by courier on 10th May 2019, seeking confirmation of the data collected, and clarity on unavailable data. A response is awaited.

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