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The Gupta Family

The Gupta Family

In 1942 The Puran Chandra Gupta Family founded and continue owning the Jagran group of newspapers. Although 39.27% of shares of the Jagran Prakashan Limited is publicly traded in the national stock exchange the family controls 60.63% stake through Jagran Media Network Investment Private Limited. The family comprises of six brothers who are the major shareholders and their children several of whom are also involved in the running of the company.

Puran Chandra Gupta, who started the Dainik Jagran (Daily Awakening) media group, was a journalist who single handedly started the nationalist weekly Hindi newspaper Swatantra (Independent) in Kanpur in 1940, which soon had to be shut down, due to the disapproval by the British administration. He was an executive member of the Indian Newspaper Society for 15 years and also was elected the Chairman of the Press Trust of India in 1975.

Sanjay Gupta, Puran’s son, is currently the Chief Editor of Dainik Jagran and the CEO of Jagran Group. Mahendra Mohan Gupta, his brother, is the Chairman and Managing Director of Dainik Jagra, and the paper’s Editorial Director. He plays a vital role in the company, as he is involved in all the key decisions made. He was actively involved in politics as he was a Rajya Sabha MP from the Samajwadi Party between 2006 and 2012. His brother Narendra Mohan Gupta was also a member of parliament (MP) in the Rajya Sabha nominated by the BJP. Mahendra Mohan Gupta was awarded the Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award by All India National Unity Conference for Excellence in Hindi newspaper. In April 2019, he was awarded for Lifetime Contribution to Media at the All India Management Association Awards.

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Financial services

Spectrum Broadcast Holdings Private Limited

Software publishing

Suvi Info Management (Indore) Private Limited


Crystal Sound and Music Private Limited

Other business activities

Sanjay Dhruv Mohan Investment Consultants LLP

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Dhirendra Mohan Gupta

the brother of Mahendra Mohan Gupta, is the top shareholder with 11.22% is a Wholetime Director and is, in addition, the Director of Jagran Media Network Investments Private Limited.

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Dainik Jagran is the flagship newspaper of the Jagran Prakashan Limited. It is a listed company and most data has been taken from the Annual report 2017-2018. The MCA files were also used to understand the shareholding pattern in detail. The company was contacted, via email on the 19th March 2019 and by courier on the 22nd March 2019, asking for clarification of the data collected, and confirmation of the same. There has been no response from the Company.

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