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Srini Raju

Srini Raju

Srinivasa Raju Chintalapati or Srini Raju, as he is known as, owns the network of Television stations called TV9 through the Associated Broadcasting Company Private Limited. He is an investor advisor with focus in the areas of Technology, Health and Wellness, Media and Entertainment, among many others. Throughout his career, Srini Raju has been associated with many technology companies including Satyam Computer Services from 1992 to 2000, Satyam Enterprise Solutions from 1994 to 1996, of which he was the Founding CEO. Raju was embroiled in one of the biggest corporate fraud scams involving Satyam Computer Services Limited, the company that he left in 2000. The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), India’s market regulator held Raju guilty of insider trading and making “unlawful gains”. India’s Supreme Court, however, acquitted Srinivasa Raju of any wrongdoing. His sister’s brother-in-law, Ramalinga Raju was, however, arrested in connection with the case.

In other roles, Srini Raju was also the CEO of Dun and Bradstreet Satyam Software Private Limited from 1994 to 1995. Among the other positions that he held are: Director, Sify Technologies Limited (1996-2002), Director, Intelligroup since 2004. Srini Raju is also the Founder of iLabs Group, an investment platform for sector-specific investment opportunities. He also founded Sri City – an integrated Smart City in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Raju has a Master’s Degree in Civil and Environment Engineering from Utah State University and is a Science Graduate from the Regional Engineering College, Kurukshetra in Haryana.

Srini Raju is the sole owner of Associated Broadcasting Corporation, according to the register entries in the Corporate Ministry. Some media reported that he had sold his stake in ABCL and was no longer the owner. However, there are no official filings that support the change of ownership.


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Skanda Aerospace Private Limited

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SRI Solar Power (Cherivi) Private Limited


Smartcities Development Enterprise Private Limited


Medcall Health Solutions India Private Limited


Nimbha Biotech Private Limited


Chintalapati Holdings Private Limited

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Kartheek Raju Chintalapati

the son of Srini Raju. General Partner – iLabs Group; Director – Skanda Aerospace Private Limited; Director- SRI Solar Power (Cherivi) Private Limited; Director – Sri Power Generation (India) Private Limited; Director – CapitalOne Trade Center Private Limited; Director – Smartcities Development Enterprise Private Limited; Director – Advait Capital Private Limited; Director – Sigma Microsystems Private Limited; Director – Medcall Health Solutions India Private Limited

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ownership data is easily available from other sources, e. g. public registries etc.

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Although ownership data of the company is available on the Ministry of Corporate website, there are reports in the media that the ownership changed hands in August 2018. However, fresh filings in the month of February 2019 mention the same ownership as before. The company was written to, by email on the 25th January 2019 and by courier on the 1st February 2019, seeking confirmation of details regarding the channels and the Company. The company has not responded to the communication.

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