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Samir Patil

Samir Patil

Samir Patil is the founder of the news website Patil has a Master’s Degree from the Sloan School of Management and from the School of Engineering of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He also co-founded ACK Media Private Limited company which publishes comics and books for children. Presently, Patil is the President, the Treasurer, the Secretary and the Director of Scroll Media Incorporation. Scroll Media Incorporation, which runs a digital news website,, is registered in Delaware and Massachusetts, USA. In earlier roles, he served as a Project Manager of Parametric Technologies, and founded Vertex Software India, that was later taken over by NTT Data Corporation of Japan. Patil is also a Director of Defined Data Technologies Private Limited, Scroll Regional Content and Software Development Services Private Limited, Scroll Content and Software Development Services Private Limited and Universal Learning Aid.

It is unclear if Samir Patil holds any shares in the company since the company shareholding structure is unavailable. However, Samir Patil appears as the only name listed in key positions of the company and hence considered to control the media outlet.

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The company Scroll Media Inc. is registered in Delaware, USA. The shareholding structure of the company is not available. MOM team has tried to retrieve it from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, including the Delaware Division of Corporations. Scroll Media Inc. has a branch registered also in Massachusetts. Samir Patil appears as the director, agent, president, treasurer and the secretary of the company. An email and a courier were sent to the company’s Indian office on the 18th March 2019 requesting the information. The company has not responded yet.

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