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ABP Group

ABP Group

ABP Private Limited or the ABP Group is a media conglomerate with a slew of publications, television news channels, publishing business and a substantial digital media presence.

ABP News Network (ANN) is a part of the AnandaBazar Patrika (ABP) Group, owner of television channels like ABP News (Hindi), ABP Majha (Marathi), ABP Ananda (Bengali), ABP Asmita (Gujarati) ABP Sanjha (Punjabi) and ABP Ganga, telecast in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

ABP's foray into electronic media began with an affiliation with Star Network in 2003. In 2012, ABP became a fully owned Indian broadcast media company, having ended its affiliation with Star Network, that was operating these news channels. Thereon, ABP News, a 24-hour national news and current affairs television channel in Hindi, along with its language variants.

ANN also has a considerable presence on digital platforms with apps and news websites in Hindi, Marathi, Bangla, Gujarati, Punjabi, besides platforms about Cricket, Bollywood and a Matrimonial Site.

ABP Group also publishes the dailies – Anandabazar Patrika, and The Telegraph in English apart from periodicals like Desh, Sananda, Anandamela, Anandalok, etc.

Key facts

Business Form


Legal Form

Private Limited

Business Sectors

Broadcasting; Publishing; Print; Matrimonial Site


Individual Owner

Media Outlets
Other Media Outlets

Other Print Outlets


Other TV Outlets

ABP Asmita

Other Online Outlets


Media Business

Television and Broadcasting

ABP News Network (100%)


ABP Private Limited (100%)


Matrimonial services

ABP Weddings (100%),


CIMA Gallery Private Limited

General Information

Founding Year


Affiliated Interests Founder

Prafulla Kumar Sarkar

founded Anandabazar Patrika in 1922. Being considered a nationalist, he created the newspaper as a mark of protest against the British rule. Multiple times his nationalistic views resulted in his imprisonment. He was a participant in the Swadeshi movement and was arrested in 1923 as the editor of Anandabazar Patrika for publishing an article praising Jatindranath Mukherjee.


Missing Data


6 Prafulla Sarkar Street

Calcutta 700001 India

Tel.: 91 33 22345374, 22216600, 22378000



Tax/ ID Number

CIN: U22219WB1922PTC004503

Financial Information

Revenue (Financial Data/ Optional)

INR 13.40 Billion/ USD 205.498 Million

Operating Profit (in Mill. $)

INR 745.7 Million / USD 11.434 Million

Advertising (in % of total funding)

Missing Data


Executive Board

Ashok S. Ganguly


Further Information

Data Publicly Available

ownership data is easily available from other sources, e. g. public registries etc.

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Meta Data

The data on the shareholding patterns was mainly obtained from the website of Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The data available was for 2016-2017. And hence the Shareholder pattern is based on those documents. MOM team sent an email on the 10th January 2019 followed by a letter on the 1st February 2019 to ABP News to confirm the data given in the document.

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