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Gujarat Samachar

Gujarat Samachar is a Gujarati language daily newspaper, founded in 1932, in British-ruled India. The newspaper is published by Lok Prakashan Limited, that was bought by the Founding Editor of the newspaper Shantilalbhai Shah, from the original owners. With a readership of 11.78 million, according to the Indian Readership Survey (IRS) 2017, Gujarat Samachar is the most read Gujarati newspaper, eighth most read regional language newspaper, and features in the sixteenth position in the newspapers read across all languages in India. Today, the paper is run by the family of Shantilalbhai Shah – his sons Bahubali Shah and Shreyans Shah, and daughter-in-law, Smrutiben Shreyansbhai Shah.

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Ownership Structure

Gujarat Samachar is owned by Lok Prakashan Limited. All the shares of the company are divided among 443 Individuals and 15 Companies according to the data available with Ministry of Corporate affairs 2016-2017.

71.92% share of the company is held by Individual promoters (Shah Family), 11.01% share held by Individual Non-Promoters/Public and 17.08% share held by other companies (Non-Promoters). The Shah family owns 71.92% share of the company.

Mr. Bahubali Shah holds 22.79% direct share, his brother Mr. Shreyans Shah holds 10.03% direct share and Ms. Smrutiben Shreyansbhai Shah (wife of Mr. Shreyans Shah) holds 4.88% share of Lok Prakashan Limited.

Mr. Bahubali Shah and Mr. Shreyans Shah jointly hold 24.6% share in the company through Amrut Investment and 9.62% share of the company is owned by other three members of the family Nirmam Shah, Anupamaben Shah and Amam S. Shah.

The remaining 28.08% share of the company is split between other members of the family, Individuals (non-family) and companies with less than 1% share each.

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28.08% share of the company is split between other members of the Shah family, individuals, whose relation to the family could not be established, and companies with less than 1% share each.

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Shantilalbhai Shah

is the Founding Editor of Gujarat Samachar, a Gujarati news daily that was founded in 1932, in pre-independence India. A few reports refer to the company that publishes the paper – Lok Prakashan Limited – as being founded by luminaries of the Indian Freedom movement like Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Morarji Desai and G. V. Mavlankar. Shantilalbhai Shah joined the newspaper in 1947, which was then owned by a different promoter. Shah bought the newspaper in 1950. Shantilalbhai Shah was running a firm called Deepak Advertising Agency in Ahmedabad, which later became the sole agency for advertisements for Gujarat Samachar. In 1950, the management including Mavlankar, sold the shares of the company to Shantilalbhai Shah, and he thus became the Founding Editor of the newspaper.

Affiliated Interests Ceo

Bahubali Shantilal Shah and Smrutiben Shreyansbhai

are the Managing Directors of Lok Prakashan Private Limited, the publishers of Gujarat Samachar. Bahubali Shantilal Shah is the son of the Founding-Editor of Gujarat Samachar. He is a Commerce Graduate, and is a Director with many companies including GCCL Constructions and Realities Limited, Gujarat Credit Corporation Limited, Shree Bhagwati Buildinfra Private Limited, Parijat Infrastructure Limited, Zora Traders Limited, GCCL Housing Finance Limited, Ajab Gajab Investment Private Limited, among others.

Affiliated Interests Editor-In-Chief

Shreyans Shantilal Shah

is the Chief Editor of Gujarat Samachar. He is the brother of Bahublali Shah and the husband of Smrutiben Shah, Managing Directors of the Company. He is also the Director of other companies including Reform Club (Gujarat) Limited, Lipi Mercantile Limited, Opal Process Supplier Limited, Opal Process Supplier Private Limited, Ganpati In-Tradex Private Limited, Deephshikha Impex Limited, Shreyarth Aaspas Limited, Aavikar Publications Private Limited, among others.




Gujarat Samachar Bhavan, J P Chawk,

Khanpur, AHMEDABAD - 380 001.

Tel.: +91-79-25508001/2/3/4, 25504060

Fax : +91-79-2550 2000, 25504040




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