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Anandabazar Patrika

Ananda Bazar Patrika is a Bengali daily newspaper and was founded in 1922 by Prafulla Kumar Sarkar and Suresh Chandra Majumdar. The paper is ranked 12th in the Top 20 list of all Indian-language newspapers in the Indian Readership Survey (IRS) 2017. The same survey puts the paper in the fifth position in the regional newspapers list, and the top Bengali newspaper with 1.2 million readers.

It was initially launched as a 4-page evening daily in 1922 raising a banner of revolt against the British rule. The company’s website claims a readership of nearly six million for its newspaper.

Today, Ananda Bazar Patrika as a group is one of the largest media conglomerates which ventured out into Television and online media. It also publishes a widely-read English newspaper, The Telegraph.

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Ownership Structure

Anandabazar Patrika is owned by ABP private Limited. The shares of ABP Private Limited are divided among 4 members of the Sarkar family: Aveek Kumar Sarkar (19.5%), Arup Sarkar (19.5%), Atideb Sarkar (19.5%) and Shithi Sarkar (19.5%). The remaining 21.9% shares are held by ABP Holdings Private limited.

The shares of ABP Holding Private Limited are further divided among the four family members: Aveek Kumar Sarkar (25%), Arup Sarkar (25%), Shithi Sarkar (25%) and Atideb Sarkar (25%). Therefore, the family controls 100% of ABP Holding Private Limited, i.e. it’s 21.9% stake in ABP Private Limited.
Hence, the Sarkar family controls in total 99.99% share of ABP Private Limited.

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Affiliated Interests Founder

Prafulla Kumar

founded Anandabazar Patrika in 1922. Being considered a nationalist, he created the newspaper as a mark of protest against the British rule. Multiple times his nationalistic views resulted in his imprisonment.

Affiliated Interests Ceo

Dipankar Das Purkayastha

is the Managing Director and the Chief Executive Officer of Ananda Bazar Patrika (ABP) Private Limited, the publishing company of the ABP newspaper. Purkayastha is a Cost and Management Accountant and has been with the company for 34 years of his 37 years of professional life. In other interests, Purkayastha is the chairperson of the Central Advisory Committee of WAN-INFRA, an association of newspapers with presence in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. Further, he functions as the Director of Media Content and Communication Services (MCCS), the company’s broadcasting arm ABP News, ABP Ananda and ABP Majha.

Affiliated Interests Editor-In-Chief

Anirban Chattopadhyay

started his career with Anandabazar Patrika in 1983 as a writer on economic issues and later moved on to the editorial department.
At present, he is the Editor of Anandabazar Patrika. He studied at the Presidency College, Calcutta (today known as Kolkata) and was a Research Fellow at the Centre for Economic Studies.

Affiliated Interests other important people

Aveek Sarkar

In addition to owning shares of ABP’s publishing company ABP Private Limited he currently is the Vice Chairman and Editor Emeritus of the ABP Group of Publications. Moreover, he functions as a Director with ABP Private Limited, ABP Holdings Private Limited, Press Trust of India, CIMA Gallery Private Limited and Sarkar Consultants Private Limited.

He created a brand in the television industry through ABP News with separate channels in Bengali, ABP Ananda, and in Marathi, ABP Majha. His most recent achievement has been the joint venture with the US-American magazine Fortune to launch an edition of Fortune in India.


ABP Private Limited

6 Prafulla Sarkar Street

Calcutta 700001 India

Tel.: 91 33 22345374, 22216600, 22378000



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